7 Key Bong Accessories You Need To Maximize Your Smoking Experience

Although smoking from a bong is more efficient than smoking from a joint or hand pipe, it's important to use different accessories to maximize your experience. Here’s a quick break down of seven key bong accessories that can enhance your experience and make your smoke seshes a little easier.

Bowl Pieces, Dab Nails, and Downstems

Let’s start with the basics: slides and downstems. Every bong comes standard with a downstem and a bowl piece or dab nail. Keeping these pieces clean and functionally is integral to your daily smoking experience. If you're looking to add some flare to your smoke seshes without buying a whole new bong, picking up a colorful bowl or downstem can help spice things up at a reasonable price!


Can't spark up your flower if you don't have anything to spark up with! It's pretty obvious, but having a good lighter can make smoking a lot more enjoyable. Luckily, there's no shortage of options when it comes to both purchasing a quality lighter or upgrading your current one.

Herb Grinders

Herb grinders are a must-have for every smoker! They're ideal for breaking down your dry herb which provides a smooth toke. If you've gotten used to breaking up your flower by hand, it's definitely time to consider picking one of these up.

Ash Catchers

As per its name, an ash catcher is a device used to prevent ash from getting pulled into your bong. It's a small chamber that you fill with water and attach to the joint of your bong. Each has its own joint at the top where you place your bowl. Ash catchers are a terrific way to keep your bong clean! While it's still necessary to clean the ash catcher from time to time, these removable chambers are much easier to clean than the entire bong. In addition to this, most ash catchers have a percolator, which makes your hits even smoother!

Bong Cleaner

Beyond using an ash catcher, you can keep your bong clean by simply using cleaner solutions. Don't underestimate the importance of keeping your bong clean! Cleaning your bong regularly will keep it functioning at peak capacity, as well as prevent gross residue buildup and the nasty taste that comes with it.

Bong Filters and Screens

Another way you can stop ash from getting in your bong is by using a bong filter or screen. These small filters are placed into the bottom of your bowl piece, preventing unwanted ash and herb crumbs from getting pulled down into the bottom chamber of your bong!


For cooks and smokers alike, a scale is an essential tool. They allow you to measure out the proper amount of herbs and other items, helping you to stay true to your "recipe". Having a scale on hand allows you to measure out your legal dry herbs and make sure you're getting exactly what you paid for. It can also help you portion your flower out for added efficiency.

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