The Best Gifts for Bong Enthusiasts

The Best Gifts for Bong Enthusiasts

It's already December and it's time to start thinking of Christmas! Whether you like to celebrate or not, it is still a wonderful season to spend time with family and friends. The toughest part is figuring out what gifts to get for the loved ones in your life. This is especially true when it comes to bong smokers, as they can be somewhat particular. Well, worry no more! Here are 15 awesome gift ideas that are sure to wow any bong enthusiast!

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Popular Picks


Silver Fumed Beaker Bong


Crafted by the fine folks at Glasslab 303, these silver-fumed bongs feature a classic design made of color-changing fumed glass!

Cupsy Coffee Cup Bong


The Cupsy is a water pipe that is disguised as a simple coffee cup. It's sleek, unassuming design makes it the perfect choice for smoking in your car or anytime you're on the go.

"Love Bud" Bong


The modestly-sized Love Bud Bong is a functional water pipe that doubles as a beautiful vase!

Eyce Beaker Bong


For those more adventurous (or clumsier) stoners, the Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong is a must. The platinum cured silicone body is borderline indestructible! There's also a hidden jar and metal poker in the base, making it the perfect portable piece for outdoor smoke seshes.

Frit Push Slide


These gorgeous slide bowls are hand-blown in the United States by American artists!


Best Bongs


"TocaCabana" Bong


This TocaCabana Bong features an exquisite multi-color overglaze combined with summertime hues with warm teak, guava, and grassy greens. It's smokes just as good as it looks!

Gold Label Ball Tube Pipe


At 16 inches tall, this monster of a bong features an intricate honeycomb ball perc at the base that will make every hit smooth and clean.

Stereo Matrix Rig


This monster straight tube bong stands at over 14 inches of pure smoke. Featuring an incredible tree perc and a beautifully-colored lace inline perc, this bong is sure to give the stoner in your life the biggest, smoothest rips!

Glasslab 303 7MM Beaker


These sturdy 7MM Beaker Bongs are a stunning yet simple upgrade on a timeless classic.



They don't call this grinder the GOAT for nothing. The GOAT GRINDER AITH v.1 is a game-changing grinder that is built from the ground up to give you the best grinding experience possible.


Affordable Gifts Under $50


The Knockout


This fun device turns Any Bottle Into a Beer Chugger, Water Pipe or "Knockout" (Beer Gravity Pipe)!

PRUF Stash Jar


These strong jars have multiple compartments for storing both dry herb and dabs!

Large Herb Saver Grinder


Each Herb Saver grinder comes with a magnetic lid that can be closed securely to keep your dry herb safely preserved in a compartment that is both water- and odor-resistant.

Gas Mask Bong


The Gas Mask Bong is an absolutely classic bong! These fun water pipes feature a silicone gas mask with a small acrylic bong attached to the breathing hole.

Piece Water Solution 12oz


Piece Water Solution is an incredible new innovation in water pipe cleaning technology! It consists of a proprietary blend of all-natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts that all operate to keep your bong or dab rig clean while you smoke out of it.


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