The Best Gifts for Stoner Lifestyle Lovers

The Best Gifts for Stoner Lifestyle Lovers

Do you know what you want to get the stoner in your life for Christmas? If you're stuck on gift ideas for a stoner in your life, then we've got the perfect gift guide for you. We've come up with 15 great gifts for stoners that will make your shopping easier this Christmas (and if you're reading this far down into the post, clearly you need help with your shopping).

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Hottest Picks


Shine Gold Rolling Papers Gift Box


The Shine Gold Rolling Papers Gift Box is the perfect present for any smoker!

RAW Smokey Forest Large Rolling Tray


This RAW Smokey Forest Large Rolling Tray is the perfect way to bring some extra tranquility to your daily smoking routine. It was created to represent the natural connection of smoke to mother earth. It's one of several cool RAW rolling tray designs.

Mid-Century Glazed Ceramic California Pottery Ashtray


This Mid-Century Glazed Ceramic California Pottery Ashtray comes straight from the days of peace and free love. Originating from the mountains of California, this ashtray will get the mood right for any session.

Puffco Hash Heads Tee


The Puffco Hash Heads Tee is the ideal way to show off your love of dabbing. It is not in circulation, making it a rare deadstock item. This 100% cotton tee features an large front print.

Daypipe Steel Hand Pipe


The Daypipe Steel Hand Pipe is a ground-breaking dry herb smoking tool. It's built to last and allows you to store and smoke eight 0.2g bowls for 1.6 grams total.


Top Gifts

Antique Egyptian Hieroglyphic Cigarette Box


Own a stunning piece of Egyptian smokeware with this Antique Egyptian Hieroglyphic Cigarette Box! It's brass and wood build is covered with beautiful hieroglyphics. As you open the lid, it reveals 40 pre-rolls slots from underneath the brass tomb.

Kroniic x Smoke Racing Team T-Shirt


The Kroniic x Smoke Racing Team Tee looks and fits like a well-loved favorite. The stoner in your life will fall in love with the soft cotton and quality print!

RAW Classic 1 1/4 Rolling Papers


If your loved one enjoys a nice joint for their smoke session, why not pick them up a long-term supply of papers! Raw Classics are a fantastic choice, but they're are plenty of other options on our site.

G2 CannaMold Cannagar Mold


Craft high-quality cannagars with ease with one of these G2 CannaMold Cannagar Mold!

RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2 (Qtr Pounder)


The RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2 is the latest and greatest iteration of RAW's enhanced smokers pouches! They're specifically crafted to keep all of your materials exceptionally fresh.


Affordable Gifts Under $50

Elemental Hemp Pocket Tee w/ Joint Holder (Assorted Designs)


The Kroniic Elemental Hemp Pocket Tee is a comfortable, eco-friendly t-shirt that's perfect for everyday use. Each design depicts one of the three elements of smoking: flower, water, and fire. The pocket has a joint holder sown into it to keep your pockets ash-free and your joints and pens close at hand.

Poly Stone Skull Ashtray (Assorted Designs)


These Poly Stone Skull Ashtrays are absolutely sick! Each one features a fiendishly fire design in the base surrounded by poly stone colored walls shaped like a skull.

RAW Flying Disc Rolling Tray


These RAW Flying Disc Rolling Tray are flying discs that double as a high-quality rolling tray!

Special Blue Odor Eliminator Candle (Assorted Scents)


These Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles offer a variety of aromatic scents while also eliminating odors! Each fragrant candle is made with a premium wax blend and essential oils.

Kroniic World Tour 2022 Snapback


The Kroniic World Tour 2022 Snapback is the snapback of your dreams! It's structured and high-profile, with a flat visor and a subtle grey under visor.


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