Clear Glass Cleaner 710ml

Clear Glass Cleaner 710ml

Dark Crystal Glass
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Product Highlights

  • Smokeware Cleaner
  • High Quality Solution
  • Made from 100% Renewable Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Works on Resin & Goo
  • Fully Reusable
  • Cleans Glass, Quartz, Acrylic, Titanium, and Ceramic
  • Works Even Faster when Heated
  • Non-Carcinogenic Green Product
  • Contains No Phosphates
  • Emulsifies Oil Molecules Reducing Biological Oxygen Demand
  • Pre-Diluted Solution
  • Non-Toxic and Odorless
  • No Expiration Date

Product Specs



Product Instructions

Leave piece soaking in solution until clean and free of residue. Soaking times may vary. For hot soak, place in microwave for 1-3 minutes or until boiling point. Make sure to read instructions on bottle before use.