A Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong.
The top of a Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong.
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Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

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Meet the Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong – a compact counterpart to the ever-popular Large Gravitron. This classic design utilizes the power of gravity and pressure to deliver substantial hits. Unlike the improvised gravity bongs you may know of, this sleek glass rendition features a clean and sophisticated appearance. Its medium size strikes the perfect balance for personal indulgence or for sharing with a couple of friends, ensuring a satisfying experience every time.

Product Highlights

  • For use with dry herbs
  • Gravity Bong
  • Clear borosilicate glass
  • Classic design delivers substantial hits
  • Easy to clean
  • Straight neck
  • Slide bowl included

Product Specs

Height 9 in / 22.86 cm
Joint Gender Female
Joint Size 14mm
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Joint Type Glass on Glass


How to use your Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong:

  1. Pour water into the base, filling it approximately halfway.
  2. Prepare the bowl by packing it with your legal dry herb, then insert it into the joint located at the bottle's neck.
  3. Light the bowl while gently raising the bottle; avoid lifting it entirely out of the water to retain the smoke.
  4. Once the bottle is filled with smoke, take out the bowl and position your mouth over the neck. Inhale slowly as you lower the bottle. Experience the Gravitron's dense hit without any loss of that precious smoke.