An Encore Micro Incycler Dab Rig.

Micro Incycler Dab Rig

Encore Collection
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The Micro Incycler Dab Rig is a compact and portable rig that provides smooth hits of your favorite concentrates. The multiple popped-hole percs and tubing throughout the unit redirect the flow of your smoke, cooling it down in the process. A mini reclaim built into the downstem allows you to regain some of the wax lost during your smoke sessions.

Product Highlights

  • For Use with Dabs or Dry Herb
  • Micro Incycler Dab Rig
  • Scientific Glass
  • Clear High Quality Glass
  • Recycler Rig
  • Multiple Popped Hole Percs
  • Internal and External Tubing
  • Mini Reclaim
  • Strong Flat Base
  • Fixed Downstem with Banger Hanger
  • Encore Label
  • Slide or Banger Included

Product Specs

Height 5 in. / 127 mm
Joint Gender Female
Joint Size 10mm
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Joint Type Glass on Glass