An Oro Chillume Pipe with Silicone Cap.

Chillum Pipe with Silicone Cap

Oro Glass Company
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This Oro Glass Company Chillum Pipe with Silicone Cap might appear simple at first. A closer examination, however, reveals that the Oro Gold Standard is present even in this basic pipe. Oro's chillums have plenty of room to fill with dry herb, unlike with other one hitters. It also has a snuggly-fitted rubber cap, keeping all your herbs safely secured for mobile use.

Product Highlights

  • Made by Oro Glass Company
  • For Use With Dry Herb
  • Chillum Hand Pipe
  • High-Quality Clear Glass
  • Silicone Cap
  • One-Hitter
  • Oro Glass Company Logo

Product Specs

Length 4.25 in / 10.8 cm
Bowl Diameter .5 in / 12.7 mm
Bowl Depth .75 in / 19.05 mm