A 4oz bottle of Piece Water Solution.
The back of a 4oz bottle of Piece Water Solution.
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Piece Water Solution 4oz

Piece Water
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Piece Water Solution is an incredible new innovation in water pipe cleaning technology! It consists of a proprietary blend of all-natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts that all operate to keep your bong or dab rig clean while you smoke out of it. It's non-toxic and completely safe. Here at Smoke Glass and Vape, we always preach that the best way to keep your water pipe clean is prevention. Piece Water is one of the best forms of prevention!

Simply add Piece Water Solution to a clean bong and smoke to your hearts content. Piece Water's special formula keeps your water pipe free of any resin build up. Depending on your use, you can leave the solution in there for up to 40 bowls-worth of smoke sessions, or even more for dabs!

Once you're ready to swap out your bong's batch of Piece Water for a new one, just rinse out your pipe with tap water and you're good to go! In addition to keeping your piece clean, Piece Water Solution also has a higher viscosity than water. This produces better draws for thicker, smoother hits. 

Product Highlights

  • Made in the USA by Oceania Labs
  • For Dry Herb and Dabs
  • Piece Water Solution
  • High Quality Preventative Bong Solution
  • Made of All-Natural Mineral, Vegetable, and Fruit Extracts
  • Keeps Your Water Pipe Clean While You Smoke
  • Works for About 40 Bowls or More
  • Higher Viscosity Produces Better Draws for Thicker Hits
  • Reduces Undesirable Smell Between Changes
  • Can Be Stored In Fridge For Cool Hits
  • Handcrafted in Small Batches
  • Water Pipe Fills per Bottle Depends on Size of Pipe

Product Specs

4 fl oz / 118 mL


How to Use Piece Water Solution

Using Piece Water Solution is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your water pipe is clean before use.
  2. Gently shake your bottle of Piece Water Solution
  3. Add piece water to your water pipe. 
  4. Leave it inside your water pipe until you feel its ready to be changed out. Users report that you can leave Piece Water Solution in your water pipe for about 40 bowls, or even more for concentrates.