A RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray.
A RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray.
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, A RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray.

RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray

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Simply put, the RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray is the godfather of the modern rolling tray. This iconic design was created over a decade ago by RAW founder, Josh Kesselman, who is an avid collector of vintage rolling trays. After some urging by friends, Josh resurrected the designs of the past and it resulted in this tray right here. Nowadays, any smoke shop worth its salt carries the RAW Classic Rolling Tray, so you know we have plenty of these bad boys on deck!

When it comes to rolling trays, RAW trays have become a staple. RAW rolling trays feature a classic metal construction with tall rounded edges to keep all your dry herb on your tray. These large trays have enough space to hold all your goods while still being compact enough to fit on a coffee table or in a backpack. 

When you buy a RAW Rolling Tray from Smoke Glass and Vape, you can rest assured that you're getting the real deal! Each tray comes with a Certificate of RAWthenticity that ensures your new RAW Rolling Tray is 100% authentic. Fixed to this certificate is a unique QR code assigned to each tray at birth. To make sure your tray is a genuine RAW Rolling Tray, just scan the code!

Product Highlights

  • RAW Metal Large Rolling Tray
  • High Quality Metal
  • Classic Tray Construction
  • Tall Rounded Edges
  • Smooth Rolling Surface 

Product Specs

Length 13.5 in.
11 in. 
Height 1 in.