A Roast & Toast Chocolate Donut Ceramic Hand Pipe.

Chocolate Donut Ceramic Hand Pipe

Roast & Toast
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The Chocolate Donut Ceramic Hand Pipe may look like it's filled with sweet doughy goodness, but don't be fooled. This novelty hand pipe is meant to be filled with sticky dry herb and pillowy smoke. Each pipe is built out of high-quality glazed ceramic. These donuts are so good, they're guaranteed to make you go nuts!

Product Highlights

  • For Use With Dry Herb
  • Novelty Hand Pipe
  • High-Quality Glazed Ceramic
  • Sweet Chocolate Donut Design

Product Specs

Length 4.25 in / 10.8 cm
Width 3.75 in / 9.53 cm
Height 1.5 in / 38.1 cm
Carb Side Left Side Carb