A Slyme Head Double Dot Gandalf Pipe.

Slyme Head Double Dot Gandalf Pipe

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This Slyme Head Double Dot Gandalf Pipe is a distinctive Gandalf hand pipe crafted from high-quality colored glass. This unique piece boasts two dot accents at the base, offering stability and support. The slyme coloring on the head pairs elegantly with the pink base. All the parts of this glass hand pipe come together into an eye-catching and stylish design to add to your smoking collection.

Product Highlights

  • For Use with Dry Herb
  • Unique Gandalf Hand Pipe
  • High Quality Colored Glass
  • Two Dot Accents On Base For Support
  • Slyme Coloring On Head
  • Pink Base Color

Product Specs

Max Height 8.5 in. / 21.59 cm
Max Length 3 in. / 7.62 cm
Max Width
2 in. / 5.08 cm
Carb Side
Left Side Carb