The Best Gifts for Dab Devotees

The Best Gifts for Dab Devotees 

Our list of great gifts for dab devotees covers it all. It features the coolest rigs, newest vaporizers and plenty more! Dab smokers can be pretty particular, so gift shopping can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, our list has dabbing gear that are sure to satisfy any wax lover! 

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Hottest Picks


Puffco Proxy


The Puffco Proxy is the next evolution in electronic dab consumption. Simply put, it is a highly portable, modular wax vaporizer.

Bell Dab Rig


This Bell Dab Rig makes for a great pocket rig. It's constructed of strong borosilicate glass. The flat base on the bottom adds some extra stability to the piece, helping to prevent tips and drops.

Seahorse Pro Dab Vaporizer


The Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Vaporizer is the second generation of Seahorse dab pens. It's quartz coil provides the smoothest taste for higher quality dabbing.

Honey Straw with Perc


This Honey Straw with Perc may seem simple at first. What sets it apart from your standard dab straw is that high quality honeycomb perc in the midsection.

Starship Triple Cartridge & Wax Coil Battery


Traverse the infinite expanse of the universe with the Hamilton Starship Triple Cartridge & Wax Coil Battery. This amazing device is a cartridge battery, wax vaporizer, and e-nail all in one! 


Best Dab Rigs & Devices

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro Bundle


The Puffco Guardian Peak Pro is a limited edition upgrade of the popular Puffco Peak Pro, a device that sits at the pinnacle of dab consumption technology. The Puffco Guardian Peak Pro Bundle also includes the Guardian Peak Pro Power Dock, Guardian Peak Pro Travel Pack, and Guardian Peak Pro Hot Tool.

Double Chamber Dual Showerhead Recycler Rig


This incredible recycler rig features two fantastic showerhead perc and a whole lot of high quality glasswork!

PS1 Double Battery and Bubbler


This incredibly functional device fits two 510 cartridges within one unit and also works as an electronic wax bubbler!

Glasslab 303 Slurp Set


This terp slurper banger set is the ultimate upgrade for enhancing your dab tasting experience!



The Terpometer is the world's first dab tool with a built-in thermometer! Keeping track of your temperature allows you to create the most efficient hits and the maximum flavor every time you smoke.


Affordable Gifts Under $50

Handmade Poké Ball Terp Pearl Set


These Handmade Poké Ball Terp Pearls are next level! Created by Byte Glass out of his studio in New York City, each terp ball is crafted by hand using borosilicate glass, fire, and lots of love.

Dab Out Container with Dab Straw


When it comes to dabbing on-the-go, the Dab Out Container with Dab Straw by White Rhino is an absolute game changer! It works just like your average dug out does for dry herb, except you use it for wax.

Wood Dab Straw


These Wood Dab Straws are another fantastic set of pipes made by Steve's Dank Pipes. Each one is hand carved out of exotic woods by Steve himself!

Gamer Cartridge Battery


This lightweight battery allows you to keep your cartridge on a lanyard around your neck. It's truly is the height of portability and convenience!

Dube Quartz Dab Pen


This affordable dab pen makes smoking wax on-the-go a breeze!


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