25 Best Stoner Gifts for the Toker in Your Life

25 Best Stoner Gifts for the Toker in Your Life

Surprise Your Favorite Stoner This Holiday Season!

The holidays are quickly approaching! Our days will soon be filled with delicious food, quality time with loved ones, and some much needed relaxation. And who could forget the gift giving! Regardless of how you feel about giving gifts during the holidays, you can’t deny the warm feeling that comes with getting the important people in our life the perfect presents.

You may be at a loss as to what presents to get the stoners in your life, especially if you don't partake in the practice yourself. Regardless of your smoking status, we've got you covered! We've created a complete guide of the BEST gift options that will please any stoner, from the newbies all the way to hardened veterans. 



Flux Plasma Bong


The Flux Plasma Bong is the world's first plasma bong. It's a fully functional bong combined with a sick plasma light! It even comes with the parts to turn it into as hookah!

Lotus Water Pipe Set


From the lovely folks at My Bud Vase, the Lotus Water Pipe is a ceramic bong that doubles as a gorgeous vase! The set also comes with a matching ceramic tray, candle votive, tea light, 9 ft of Bee Line & My Bud Life hemp wick, orange & yellow cosmos flower pokers, and a cleaning brush.

Glasslab 303 Lacesaber Bong


This monster straight tube bong stands at over 14 inches of pure smoke. Featuring an incredible tree perc and a beautifully-colored lace inline perc, this bong is sure to give the stoner in your life the biggest, smoothest rips!

Eyce Beaker Bong


For those more adventurous (or clumsier) stoners, the Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong is a must. The platinum cured silicone body is borderline indestructible! There's also a hidden jar and metal poker in the base, making it the perfect portable piece for outdoor smoke seshes.

Puck Base Bong


Looking for something small and simple? These Puck Base Bongs by Encore neat little pipes with a strong puck-shaped base.


Dab Rigs

Double Chamber Dual Showerhead Recycler Rig


This Monark Double Chamber Dual Showerhead Recycler Rig is ELITE! Each rip feeds from an inline perc up through two showerhead percs into a seconds chamber. Silky smooth hits every time! 

Half Dichro Jammer


Handblown by Justin Freeman Glass, these Half Dichro Jammers are incredible heady rigs for an incredible price! Each one features stunning dichroic glass, a speckled marble accent on the back, and comes with a matching carb cap!

Colored Wide Body Ratchet Rig


These Black Sheep Colored Wide Body Ratchet Rigs are thick! A hefty base protects the body and its fantastic ratchet percs. The coloring is simple and well-executed This is a dab rig that any dabber will love!

Puffco Peak Pro


True to its name, the Puffco Peak Pro is the peak of modern dabbing technology. This remarkable piece of technology delivers the most steady and controllable dabbing experience ever. This model is an upgrade of the award-winning Puffco Peak, featuring app-enabled control, wireless charging, and live temperature control. If you're looking for something a little simpler or more affordable, we suggest checking out the Peak. 

Anonamyss Glassworx Pocket Rig


These Pocket Rigs are the perfect combination of artistic expression and affordability! Hand-blown by artist Anonamyss Glassworx, each rig is completely unique and features a special gilled downstem. Plus, they're at a price that your can't beat!


Hand Pipes

Hemp Wick Hand Pipe


Each of these hand pipes are hand-carved out of exotic woods by Steve's Dank Pipes. The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning! The hemp wick dispenser comes with 12 feet of fresh wick, making for a really cool and unique feature. This pipe is pretty much guaranteed to wow any stoner!

Freezable Spoon Pipe


For those looking for a really cool hand pipe upgrade, this Freezable Spoon Pipe will definitely do the trick! The body features a freezable coil surrounded by a 100% safe glycerin filling. Stick this bad boy in the fridge before each sesh for frosty cool hits!

Rainbow Donut Spoonlock


Looking for something more imaginative and otherworldly for the stoner in your life? Check out this magnificent Rainbow Donut Spoonlock! Handblown by McGillicuddy Glass, this one-of-a-kind hand pipe makes for an incredible gift for any smoker!

Daypipe Steel Hand Pipe


For a dry herb smoker who's always on-the-go, we highly recommend the Hamilton Daypipe Steel Hand Pipe. It allows you to chamber up to eight individual .2 ounce bowls of dry herb at once. This device is incredibly mobile, enabling the stoner in your life to smoke all day with ease!

Tentacle Spoon Pipe


These Tentacle Spoon Hand Pipes are awesome and affordable! They come in a variety of colorways, and each feature a stunning marble eye accent.


Nectar Collectors

Glow in the Dark Dab Out Container with Nectar Collector

Dab Out Container with Nectar Collector


When it comes to dabbing on-the-go, these Dab Outs are an absolute game changer! They work just like your average dug out does for dry herb. Each one comes equipped with a quartz straw and a dab tool. Simply fill up the durable silicone storage compartment with your concentrate of choice and you're ready to smoke your dabs where ever and whenever you want! 

Wood Nectar Collector

Wood Nectar Collector


The Wood Nectar Collector is another fantastic pipe by Steve's Dank Pipes. Each one is hand carved out of exotic woods by Steve himself. They're water-sealed and come with a removable quartz tip.

Color-Worked Nectar Collector

Color-Worked Nectar Collector


This Color-Worked Nectar Collector is a high quality dab straw that combines great function with a classic design. It has a removable quartz tip that will can get piping hot without breaking. It even has some silver fumed glass incorporated into the front end of the main pipe, changing color with every hit!

Honey Straw with Perc

Honey Straw with Perc


This Honey Straw with Perc may seem simple at first. What sets it apart from your standard dab straw is that high quality honeycomb perc in the midsection. Glasslab 303 excels at making great percolators, and just like all their other ones, this one right here will make each and every rip silky smooth! 

Clean Nectar Collector

Clean Nectar Collector


Sometimes, all we need is something solid and simple. That is exactly what you get with one of these handblown Clean Nectar Collectors! Each one has a solid construction and fixed tip. The colored marble accent ensures it won't roll off your counter or coffee table.



G2 CannaMold Cannagar Mold

Personal, Small: $48.99

Large: $53.99

This one is for your friends who LOVE to roll up! The G2 CannaMold Cannagar Mold is a simple device that ceates perfect cannagars/thai sticks. It creates slow-burning, smooth cannagars that can last for hours!

Dichro Opal Carb Cap


If you're going to go all out on a dabbing accessory, this Dichro Opal Carb Cap is the one to go for! Created by Baked Kreations Glass, this stunning carb cap is constructed of beautiful dichroic glass. The faceted opal spire is absolutely gorgeous!

Shine Gold Rolling Tray


This Shine Gold Rolling Tray is a great way to get flashy with your smokeware. The golden reflective surface and strong construction make it the perfect way for your loved one to increase their clout at their next smoke sesh!

Clear Glass Cleaner


This may seem like an odd choice at first, but anyone who has a stoner friend with a dirty pipe will instantly recognize this gift choice as a no-brainer. Dark Crystal Glass Clear Cleaner is a top of the line cleaner that can be used in a variety of ways. Help your loved one out with this handy pickup!

Eternity Flamesaber Torch Lighter


The Eternity Flamesaber Torch Lighter is an awesome upgrade for heating up slides or dry herb! It has a adjustable, windproof jet flame and comes in an assortment of colors. It also looks pretty damn cool!


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